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Enhancing Wimpole Hair Transplant Clinic's Online Visibility


Wimpole Clinic, a renowned hair transplant clinic, engaged us to improve their online visibility and search engine rankings. Wimpole Clinic commissioned a detailed marketing audit to identify the reasons behind their suboptimal website performance. This case study outlines our findings, strategic recommendations, and actionable insights aimed at enhancing Wimpole Clinic’s digital presence and attracting potential clients.

Company Background

Wimpole Clinic is a leading hair transplant clinic known for its expertise in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplants. Despite their strong reputation, the clinic’s website was not performing well in search engine rankings, limiting its ability to attract new clients.

Market Context

The hair transplant industry is highly competitive, with numerous clinics vying for online visibility. Effective digital marketing and SEO strategies are essential for standing out and attracting potential clients through organic search.


Challenges Faced

Topic Duplication

Inner pages were not optimised, causing confusion for search engine crawlers between the homepage and inner pages.

Anchor Text vs Domains

Overuse of branded anchor texts, while the domain name is also branded, limiting keyword optimisation.

Deleted Pages

Improper handling of deleted pages by redirecting them to the homepage, causing confusion for search engines and negatively impacting rankings.

URL Structure

Lack of a clear parent-child page hierarchy, leading to poor navigability and SEO performance.

Link Deletion

Deletion of links, which is detrimental to SEO performance.

Target Audience


Individuals seeking hair transplant solutions, primarily males aged 25-50.


Individuals concerned about hair loss, valuing expertise, and looking for reputable clinics with proven results.


Researching hair transplant options online, reading reviews, and comparing different clinics.

Strategy and Plan

Conduct a comprehensive SEO audit to identify and rectify technical and content-related issues.

Implement targeted on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

Enhance site structure and user experience.

Develop a robust content and link-building strategy to improve domain authority.

Tactics Used


SEO Audit and Initial Optimisation

  • SEO Audit: Conducted a detailed audit to identify key issues affecting the website’s performance.

  • Content Audit: Reviewed and optimised existing content to address topic duplication and improve keyword targeting.

  • Technical SEO: Addressed technical issues such as URL structure, redirects, and deleted pages


Content and Link Building Strategy

  • Content Creation: Developed high-quality, keyword-optimised content for key service pages and blog posts.

  • Link Building: Initiated outreach campaigns to acquire backlinks from reputable sites in the hair transplant industry.

  • Anchor Text Optimisation: Adjusted anchor texts to reflect targeted keywords rather than relying solely on branded terms.


Site Structure and User Experience

  • URL Structure: Established a clear parent-child page hierarchy to improve navigability and SEO performance.

  • Redirect Management: Properly managed redirects for deleted pages to relevant content, ensuring clarity for search engines.


Step-by-Step Actions


SEO Audit

  • Identified and addressed topic duplication by optimising inner pages and ensuring unique content.
  • Corrected URL structures to establish a clear hierarchy (e.g., /fue-hair-transplant/results, /fue-hair-transplant/cost).
  • Reviewed and adjusted anchor texts to improve keyword relevance.

Technical SEO Improvements

  • Managed redirects properly to avoid confusion and negative SEO impacts.
  • Enhanced website architecture and internal linking for better user experience and crawlability.



Content and Link Building

  • Created targeted content to address specific keywords and user intent.
  • Launched link-building campaigns to acquire high-quality backlinks and improve domain authority.

Creatives and Assets

Metrics and Analytics

Increase in organic search traffic

Improvement in search engine rankings for targeted keywords.

Growth in the number and quality of backlinks.

Enhanced user experience and site navigability.

Tools Used

Google Analytics

To track website performance and user behaviour.

Google Search Console

To track search performance and fix issues.


For keyword research and monitoring SEO performance.


To monitor domain authority and link profile.

Expected Outcomes

Through diligent SEO practices and continuous optimisation, Wimpole Clinic can strengthen its online presence, paving the way for sustained growth and success in the hair transplant industry.

Quantitative Results

Challenges and Learnings

Key Insights

  • Regular audits and adjustments are crucial for sustained SEO success.

  • High-quality content is essential for engaging users and improving search rankings.

  • A comprehensive link-building strategy significantly enhances domain authority.

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